Generate an Across project

This will generate a maven project with Spring Boot and embedded Tomcat, using Across platform

Project metadata


Configuration presets

Switching preset will reset your selected modules and options.

Configuration for a CRUD application, includes user management, entity module configuration and custom admin controller samples.

Configuration for a website without content management. Sets up the administration UI and includes frontend layout and sample controllers.

Configuration for a front-end website built on WebCmsModule. Sets up the administration UI and provides an example WCM configuration.

Selected modules and options

Standard modules

Enables Spring MVC with Thymeleaf support for modules. Adds Across web features like layout templates, web resources and menu building.

Provides basic infrastructure for creating an administration UI.

Requires: AcrossWebModule

Provides support for @DebugWebControllers in other modules. Provides facilities for introspecting a running AcrossContext configuration.

Requires: AcrossWebModule

Provides logging facilities for modules along with debug controllers to configure them.

Provides contextual information about the running application (eg. start time, build number).

Provides JPA and custom Spring Data JPA support with Hibernate.

Provides JPA and custom Spring Data JPA support with Hibernate.

Requires: AcrossHibernateJpaModule

Provides infrastructure for automatic generation of an administration UI for Spring Data managed entities.

Requires: AcrossWebModule

Provides infrastructure for Web Content Management and frontend rendering.

Requires: AcrossHibernateJpaModule , AcrossWebModule

General configuration options

Adds a simple Start Bootstrap design implemented using Thymeleaf templates. Depending on your module selection, you will end up having either a static or fully functional blog application.

Contributed modules

Core module for running an ImageServer.

Requires: AcrossHibernateJpaModule , AcrossWebModule

Administration interface for ImageServer.

Requires: AdminWebModule , UserModule , ImageServerCoreModule